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A few weeks ago, my mailserver started experiencing issues nobody could seem to untangle. Many of the emails I sent weren’t being delivered and a lot of my subscribers were complaining that they had been waiting weeks for a response to emails I hadn’t received. It was during this minor crisis that Ashley Milne-Tyte’s email somehow managed to make it to me. She told me she was the host of a podcast called “The Broad Experience,” a show about issues facing women in the workplace. Her next episode would address the beauty industry and she wanted to know if I’d be open to an interview.

Requests like these aren’t unusual. I see anywhere from 1-3 interview requests per week, but most of those I end up turning down. I’m extremely selective about who/what I associate with professionally, and most of those media outlets don’t meet my standards. The Broad Experience, however, far exceeds them, which is why I’m recommending it so highly to you.

The Broad Experience should be at the very top of your podcast feed.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. (You can find a list here.) Add The Broad Experience to your feed. Each episode unpacks issues unique to female workers. I’m making my way through the archives myself, but here are a few episodes I recommend female beauty professionals to listen to immediately.

89. Inside the Beauty Business— (I’m in this one.) Many of us get something done on a regular basis-from a haircut to waxing. But how often do we think about the working conditions of the women who work on us?
74. On Confidence— Study after study shows women have less confidence than men.
75. The Power of Image— Our appearance affects the way others see us, whether we like it or not.
69. Working with Other Women— It’s a cliche, but it’s true: many women dislike working with other women.
52. When Women Work for Free— Women have a problem valuing themselves-both setting prices and believing they’re truly worth something in the marketplace. We tend to charge too little for our work. Sometimes we don’t charge at all.
22. The Mean Girls Edition— Women can be truly horrible to one another at work. In this show we look at the origins of female aggression, why it plays out in such an underhanded way, and what you can do if you’re caught up in an office bitch-fest.
77. Don’t Call Me Sweetie— There’s outright sexual harassment, and there are the subtler ways of keeping women in their place. This is the first of two shows that looks at harassment and unwanted male-to-female attention at work – and what to do about it.

Podcasts are available for free. You have no excuses.

Take advantage of the education you’re being given by these tremendous resources. If you love how empowered you feel after I deliver a rousing rant on this blog, get more of that by subscribing to The Broad Experience. These issues matter, and it’s important that we recognize and address them so we can all do better for ourselves and each other.

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Beauty industry survivalist, salon crisis interventionist, tactical verb-weapon specialist, and the leader of at least a hundred workplace revolutions, Tina Alberino is known as much for her extensive knowledge as for her sarcastic wit and mercilessly straightforward style. She’s the author of the book The Beauty Industry Survival Guide and the blog This Ugly Beauty Business. When she’s not writing, educating, or consulting, she can be found overthinking everything, identifying problems people didn’t know existed, and stubbornly working to change the things she cannot accept.


  1. Excellent podcast! The best part was the end when she was talking about boundaries and knowing your rights. Looking forward to listening to more of her podcasts.


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