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The Microsalon Owner’s Complete Business Toolkit


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The biggest, baddest downloadable to date, The Microsalon Owner’s Success Toolkit includes a wealth of information and tools for self-employed beauty professionals.

  • The Microsalon Owner’s Planning Checklist
  • The Microsalon Owner’s Pricing Spreadsheet, a 7-page spreadsheet that calculates your service prices for you!
  • The Microsalon Owner’s Pricing Guide, a 28-page instruction manual that will walk you through the process of using the Service Pricing Spreadsheet,
  • The Microsalon Owner’s Business Plan Design Guide, a 2-page overview detailing the anatomy of a business plan. Simply answer the questions in each section and you’ll have a solid framework!
  • The Microsalon Owner’s Lease Component Checklist, a 3-page document that simplifies lease terms to keep you from signing an incomplete (or unfair) rental agreement,
  • The Microsalon Assessment Tool: Be Worth What You Charge, an 11-page checklist and salon evaluation resource
  • The Microsalon Owner’s Website Design Guide, a practical 2-page reference detailing each page your site should have and what each page should contain.
  • Employer Obligations for Microsalon Owners, a 9-page document that covers the basics of employment law for solo entrepreneurs. (If you plan to hire an assistant or receptionist at some point, you’re going to need to read this document.)
  • Suggested Resources for Microsalon Owners, an 8-page reference guide where you can find every awesome thing I recommend—domain registrars, hosting companies, web designers and DIY website builders, mailing list management services, free fonts, free stock photos, salon management tools, accounting software for solo entrepreneurs, and so much more. Learn what each resource does, why they’re great, and why I recommend them.


Currently, the Microsalon Owner’s Pricing Spreadsheet is only compatible with Microsoft Excel and Excel for Mac. I cannot guarantee compatibility with any other program.

This file is a ZIP file (compressed). The contents will need to be extracted after download in order for them to be accessible. If your phone/tablet does not have this capability, there are apps you can download to extract contents from zip files, but for best results, download the files on a laptop or desktop computer, extract the files there, and then send them to your mobile devices if you like to read on the go. (If you attempt to access a zip folder on a mobile device that doesn’t know what a zip folder is, you’ll get a screen full of random jibberish, which is pretty in its own way, but definitely not useful.)


  • No updates or additions yet! When changes are made to this downloadable, you’ll find information about it here!


Downloadable items aren’t eligible for returns or refunds since there’s no way to verify deletion of a downloadable file. All sales are final. If you have any pre-purchase questions that aren’t answered in the item listing, email them to [email protected]. Thanks!


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