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The Salon Owner’s Employee Onboarding Kit


Everything a salon owner needs to know about employee on-boarding.

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This 79-page e-book starts with an overview of your obligations as an employer, but your education only begins there. You’ll learn how to:

  • create clear job descriptions,
  • write compelling employment advertisements,
  • compose exceptional offer letters, and
  • design effective training programs.

In the Handbooks & Contracts section, you’ll discover:

  • why salon owners and professionals require contracts,
  • why you should design contracts that respect a professional’s existing clientele, and
  • how to protect your salon’s clientele without using a non-compete agreement.

I have packed a lot of content into 79 pages, including how to write fair agreements, which restrictive covenants are best for your salon, how to keep employees from taking advantage of your salon’s training program, what constitutes a breach of contract, and how to determine whether to pursue a breach.

The Salon Owner’s Employee Onboarding Kit will also walk you through the process of drafting your employment handbooks while providing examples of practical policies and procedures your salon shouldn’t go without.

This download was made using abridged selections of Salon Ownership and Management.

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