Legislation can be hard to keep up with. This page will help you simplify the whole process and teach you how to create a system that automates it. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Join Feedly

Feedly is a site (and mobile app) that allows you to follow a variety of blogs and websites, sending their content to a singular place. You do not need a premium account.

Step 2: Follow Sources

Once you have joined Feedly (or a feed reading site of your choice), add a variety of news sources using the list and tips below. Be sure to download the mobile app also.

Step 3: Set Alerts

Open up your favorite calendar application–Google Cal, iCal, etc. Set a recurring reminder to check Feedly. Make sure you’ve set an actual alarm, so you don’t forget.

Tips & Tricks

Add local attorney blogs to your feed.

Google the following:

  • City Name + Employment Law
  • City Name + Labor Law
  • State Name + Employment Law
  • State Name + Labor Law

Find some local attorneys who have blogs and add their feed to your app.

Add official state, city, and professional regulation blogs to your feed.

Welcome to the future! It’s highly likely that your city and state labor/wage/employment departments and your State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology have blogs and/or newsletters you can subscribe to. If they don’t (and simply update their website periodically, expecting people to find it), add the links to your monthly alert and ensure to check them routinely.

Create Google Alerts.

Feedly is only a part of an effective compliance system. You’ll also want to add Google Alerts that are tailored to your needs. Google has the ability to send you email notifications when articles are posted with the keywords you specify. I recommend the following:

  • State Name + Cosmetology Board
  • State Name + Deregulation
  • State Name + Cosmetology
  • Salon Name + City Name


Do I need to use Feedly?

Nope. You can use whatever feed reader service you prefer. I personally use and recommend Feedly because it has the most functionality and allows you to group feeds by type. For instance, I have groups for Business, Law, Blogging, and my favorite random blogs that bring me joy.

Can you show me how to do this or set it up for me?

I’m not going to create a tutorial for how to use software or a website, since they change so often. If you need help, you can schedule an appointment and I’ll establish your account and feeds for you.

Help! I can’t understand what I’m reading!

If you find some of the content challenging (which is totally normal since legislation can read like another language sometimes), email it to me and I’ll translate it for you. You’re a VIP member. This is part of what your membership pays for.

Important Feeds

Important Links

Useful Cosmetology Links

Beauty Schools Directory

Cosmetology License Requirements by State

Hairdressers Career Development Systems

Clients Behaving Badly Webinar

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