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The Salon Compensation and Pricing Megakit



The Salon Compensation and Pricing Megakit calculates salon compensation and service pricing for you! It includes:

  • The Salon Compensation and Pricing Calculator, an 8-page spreadsheet system that makes salon compensation and pricing calculation as simple as data entry. The best part? The system is enabled with protections to make it impossible to “break” the formulas!
  • The Salon Compensation and Pricing Guide, a 44-page instruction manual that not only explains how to use the system but also explains every formula so you’re never confused about what the numbers mean or where they came from.
  • A 9-page Employer Obligations Information Sheet to keep you from making very common life-destroying mistakes.
  • Be Worth What You Charge, an 11-page checklist and salon evaluation resource.
  • An excerpt from Salon Ownership and Management, Competing with Non-Compliant Salons, a kickass 9-page anxiety eraser for stressed out salon owners who dread the words, “But the place down the street pays 50%…”

The Salon Compensation and Pricing Calculator includes projection tables and a method for determining you salon’s hourly performance goal. Every important number you need to know will be calculated for you, including your hourly operational cost, direct labor, and monthly/weekly/hourly overhead expenses.

This system allows salon owners to evaluate three compensation systems:

  • Hourly Pay plus Tiered Commission Bonuses
  • Commission vs Hourly
  • Hourly plus Commission

NEW: UK Features
Within the file, you’ll find two versions of the Compensation & Pricing Calculator. The UK version supports VAT calculation, includes a field for calculating national insurance, and shows all currency in pounds sterling.

After clicking the Buy Now button, you’ll be directed to Paypal. Once your payment is complete, you can expect two email receipts—one from Paypal confirming your payment, and one from me with a unique download link and instructions for opening the zipped folder. This unique link will expire after 24 hours and spam filters are very aggressive, so if you don’t receive your receipt with your download link at all, don’t sweat it! Just click the Your Account button in the menu bar. You’ll be able to access your downloadable files from there whenever you like.


I absolutely do not advise trying to use this system on a mobile device. (Have you ever tried to work Excel on a small screen without a mouse? It’s a nightmare.)

This system is only compatible with Microsoft Excel and Excel for Mac. I cannot guarantee compatibility with any other program.

This file is a ZIP file (compressed). The contents will need to be extracted after download in order for them to be accessible. If your phone/tablet does not have this capability, there are apps you can download to extract contents from zip files, but for best results, download the files on a laptop or desktop computer, extract the files there, and then send them to your mobile devices if you like to read on the go. (If you attempt to access a zip folder on a mobile device that doesn’t know what a zip folder is, you’ll get a screen full of random jibberish, which is pretty in its own way, but definitely not useful.)

The text files are PDFs and will require an application capable of reading PDFs to view them.


Downloadable items aren’t eligible for returns or refunds since there’s no way to verify deletion of a downloadable file. All sales are final. If you have any pre-purchase questions that aren’t answered in the item listing, email them to [email protected]. Please note that I only reply to emails Monday-Friday during business hours. Thanks!


8/27/2018: Some users were experiencing wonky permission issues on Apple devices that were locking certain cells that should not have been locked. While I still cannot guarantee compatibility on Apple devices, I can (mostly) guarantee that the permission issues have been fixed.

11/4/2019: New content added! The Salon Compensation and Pricing Megakit now includes the document Competing with Non-Compliant Salons. I made some cosmetic changes to the spreadsheet, altering some colors to separate certain tables from others on the same sheet. A few erroneous notes were deleted as well.

6/24/2020: New content added! The spreadsheet now has a UK version with tools for calculating VAT and national insurance.

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