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The Beauty Industry Survival Guide


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The revised, expanded, and greatly improved second edition of The Beauty Industry Survival Guide is nearly complete and will be released in November of 2019. While you cannot preorder, you can sign up for The Newsletter and get excerpts and updates sent straight to your email. Subscribers alone will be alerted when the signed pre-release copies become available. Sign up here!

If you’d like to grab a copy of the first edition while they’re still available, click here to be directed to Amazon.

This book serves as the literary equivalent of a kick in the ass and a punch to the throat. The vast majority of these lessons aren’t taught in schools and don’t appear in textbooks; they’re learned through painful (and often expensive) experiences.

“Required reading for every salon professional.”

I wrote this book to save you. It contains everything you need to know to survive and succeed in the professional beauty industry, including how to:

• Recognize lying and scamming salon owners
• Avoid abusive employment arrangements
• Identify and reject exploitative contracts
• Secure a job before you even graduate
• Become the kind of professional salon owners
fight over
• Build a portfolio
• Attract and retain clients
• Establish an impressive online presence
• Run your own microsalon business
• Preserve your health and build your wealth
…and so much more.

The Beauty Industry Survival Guide will help you navigate this tumultuous business. The waters run deep, the currents are swift, and the tides shift quickly. The journey can certainly be treacherous, and you’ll need all the help you can get.

“School prepares you to take a test. This book prepares you for every damn thing that follows.”

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