Stop pulling your prices off your competitor’s brochures—or worse—out of thin air. Get the beauty industry’s most comprehensive and accurate pricing and compensation calculation tool and get profitable today!

A wealth of information and tools for self-employed professionals! If you rent a booth or suite, operate a home facility, or freelance, you can’t afford to go without The Microsalon Owner’s Complete Business Toolkit.

Do you rent space to beauty professionals? The Salon Landlord’s Toolkit contains a comprehensive guide to rental salon ownership, a rent calculator, and a lease component checklist!

Everything a salon owner needs to know about how to attract, recruit, train, and retain top talent—including how to design job descriptions, compelling employment ads, and fair employment agreements.

A 55-page PDF with everything you need to understand why certain policies may be required, who should and shouldn’t implement them, and when and how to introduce them in your salon.

The Salon Employee Suitcase makes income tracking simple, no matter how complicated your employer’s compensation structure is. Learn your rights and ensure every paycheck adds up.

Planning to start a beauty school or host classes? Account for your overhead costs and will automatically calculate your tuition prices! Test different price points to evaluate your profits per term and per year.


Avoid the mistakes that doom so many salon owners to failure. This book covers everything you need to know about establishing and managing a professional salon. Set your business up for success by following this strategic planning system that guides you from concept through opening day and beyond, while giving you a thorough education in all aspects of the business of beauty.

This book serves as the literary equivalent of a kick in the ass and a punch to the throat. The Beauty Industry Survival Guide will help you navigate this tumultuous business. The waters run deep, the currents are swift, and the tides shift quickly. The journey can certainly be treacherous, and you’ll need all the help you can get.
Second edition coming November 2019!

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