[1.3] Beauty Career Mastery: How to Map Your Way to Success


    When you began your journey in this industry, presumably you did so with a plan, right? If that plan began with “go to cosmetology school” and ended with “find a job,” you’ve been doing it wrong.

    In this episode (based on this article) we talk about how to devise a strategy for success, and how to execute it.

    Quick Note:

    Fair warning, the episode you’re hearing was my second attempt at recording this article. The first time, my kids were awake and being way too loud and rowdy. I was so distracted by them that I ended up recording the whole episode on the wrong microphone. (Yeah, I was pretty pissed about it.)

    This recording took place after the kids were in bed, so I was tired, a little hoarse, and had to speak at my normal volume. All that made it really hard for me not to slip into my normal monotone robot voice. Sorry. Beep boop. ¥[*.*]¥

    This Ugly Beauty Business
    This Ugly Beauty Business
    [1.3] Beauty Career Mastery: How to Map Your Way to Success
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    Beauty industry survivalist, salon crisis interventionist, tactical verb-weapon specialist, and the leader of at least a hundred workplace revolutions, Tina Alberino is known as much for her extensive knowledge as for her sarcastic wit and mercilessly straightforward style. She’s the author of The Beauty Industry Survival Guide and Salon Ownership and Management: A Definitive Guide to the Professional Beauty Business. When she’s not writing, educating, or consulting, she can be found overthinking everything, identifying problems people didn’t know existed, and stubbornly working to change the things she cannot accept.


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