Photoshoot Rates & Policies and TF Work Agreement

Photographer: James Monahan
MUA: Sinful Makeup Artistry
Nails: Me…obviously.

Below you’ll find information on my photoshoot rates & policies as well as a copy of my TF Work Agreement. Feel free to copy this form, alter it, and use it for your own purposes.

I am very strict about who I work with TF so my rates & policies may seem a bit harsh. (I have a pretty solid network of reliable professionals that I work with regularly, so I rarely feel the need or desire to take on work with a new photographer that may or may not deliver the goods.) You may want to alter it if you don’t yet have a reliable network of your own so you’ll be more likely to get TF work.

Remember, I only do high-fashion nail enhancements for shoots, so if you do hair or makeup, you’re really going to need to overhaul these documents to reflect that.

Photoshoot Rates & Policies
Because of the nature of my work, I require advance notice for shoots. Very rarely I can accommodate last-minute requests. If you have a last-minute shoot going on, please feel free to message me, just keep in mind that my schedule may not allow for me to participate.

I have an obscene amount of equipment, a lot of which are hazardous chemicals that require proper storage and ventilation. Because of this, I cannot work on set most of the time. Because it can be so time consuming, my work is done the evening before the shoot. That way, the models can arrive on set and go straight into hair and makeup. This typically works best for everyone.

My rates are $60 an hour with a one hour minimum. High fashion/fantasy nail enhancements require between two and four hours. Basic manicures with plain polish take about 20-25 minutes. Basic nail enhancements take 45-60 minutes. Custom hand-painted art can take up to an hour.

I work by appointments. I schedule ample time for my work with models but please understand that I have regular paying clients on my schedule as well. If your model does not arrive within fifteen minutes of their appointment time, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to perform the services requested on them. I assure you that if I can work them in I will, but I will never inconvenience my clients for a model that didn’t have the courtesy to arrive at her appointment time. I will refund half of my fee to you if they arrive late and can’t be accommodated or if they don’t show at all. There’s no reason both of us should be made to suffer a loss because of an inconsiderate model.


TF Projects

TFP/TFCD is on a case by case basis with strict guidelines that the model/photographer and or other talent must agree to.

If you have a special project and would like me to be a part of your team, email a message with TFCD in the subject line. Below: Details, Style and Theme of the project. Plase have that information ready when you contact me.

I am a professional so I expect for the other parties to act in the same manner. I will show up on time and do my work as requested and expect all other parties to do the same. I am sanitary, efficient, and easy to get along with. I follow direction or can take creative control if requested. My intention is to make sure our trade project is beneficial for all talent involved. I plan on doing my very best to represent our work/your brand in the best way possible. The guidelines and agreement were created to ensure clarity as one professional to another as well as to protect all parties involved.

First, let me explain why I have a work agreement.

Simply put, I have had too many photographers not deliver photos (or deliver photos that I could not use due to poor quality or obtrusive watermarking). The sets I’m generally asked to create take between two and four hours and a considerable amount of costly products. Putting that much effort into a project and not gaining anything financially or creatively from it is frustrating and disappointing. I am not a charity worker and just like you, I expect to benefit from the shoot in some way.

If you are unwilling to sign the agreement, please see my rates. I will not work TF with anyone that does not sign the document. Please understand that I am trying to protect myself and my work from fraudulent photographers. I’ve been taken advantage of several times this year and refuse to have it happen again.

TF Work Agreement
Shoot Date:
# of Models:
Services Requested:
Service Value:
# of Trade Images Agreed Upon:

This agreement is intended to serve as a catalyst for agreement and a way to avoid conflict. It is an agreement meant to protect the interests of all involved in the trade project and to ensure that the agreed upon images are delivered.

The purpose of this shoot is to create images for art and self-promotion of all parties involved. The photographer retains all relicensing and reselling rights.

All I require from a shoot is 2-3 images of each look I perform (a close-up of the hands and nails and a shot of the entire theme of the image that includes the model, the wardrobe, the location, and the nails). If you could allow me to look through the proofs, I can select the images I would like. You can then approve the selections to protect the integrity of your own work as well.

The images traded can be edited at the photographer’s discretion so long as the editing does not compromise the clarity of my contribution to the image.

The resolution of the web images are at the discretion of the photographer. They may be watermarked with the photographer’s name/logo alont the left edge or the bottom left corner of the photograph. I will use the images in my online portfolios and credit everyone involved appropriately.

I request two high resolution images per look. I retain the right to use these images for self-promotional use which includes editorial and educational. You will be informed before any of the images produced appears anywhere and you will be credited appropriately. These images must be completely unwatermarked.

If the photographer has the ability to offer physical prints, I will gladly pay $15 for each 8×10.

The trade images can be delivered through email or on optical media delivered by mail. They may also be made available through a download link. Final images will be delivered by 1 month after the date of the shoot. If the photographer fails to deliver the final images as promised, the photographer will be guilty of theft of services under false pretenses and will be held responsible for paying me the full value of the services rendered. I respect your work, please respect mine.

All models (or their legal guardians) will sign my model release form. This form releases me of liability in the unlikely event that a model experiences an allergic reaction to the products I use.

Tina Alberino



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