Submission Guidelines

For the first time ever, This Ugly Beauty Business is accepting submissions. If you’d like to contribute, please read the entirety of the guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Content & Length: So many publishers have obnoxiously vague parameters for submissions—I do not. There are no word count restrictions, but content must relate to the professional beauty industry. Articles that center around employment issues, budget management, salon life, and business topics are preferred.

Currently, I’m very interested in sharing experiences from salon professionals and owners during the pandemic.

Please familiarize yourself with the content on this site before submitting anything. Articles that clearly do not belong here will not be considered.

I will not accept promotional content of any kind, no matter how much money you’re offering.

I won’t allow the content posted here to be used as a sales vehicle. If you’d like to promote your product or service, email me to request a sidebar ad.

Editing & Critiquing: I believe that great ideas should never be dismissed simply because editing them would be too time-consuming. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other kinks can be corrected. I am willing to work with each contributor to craft each piece to perfection.

Don’t let your inexperience keep you from submitting your article.

Payment: Authors will be compensated based on article quality and length. Articles that are particularly useful, detailed, and valuable will be featured in the VIP Library, which is only accessible to paying subscribers. These articles are compensated at a higher rate than those made available to the public.

Contributor Profiles: All authors are given their own contributor profile pages. With your submission, please include a headshot and a 300-word, third-person bio. Be sure to include any social media, blog, and website links.

Other Particulars: By submitting, authors verify that the work submitted is their own original creation. All entries must be in English and submitted via email to [email protected]. Leave your name and title in the subject line.


All Submissions: Authors and artists grant This Ugly Beauty Business, LLC continuing internet rights.
Translation: We get to publish your submission here and keep it up on the website where countless generations of readers can enjoy it forevermore. You can choose to sell your piece or publish it independently at your own discretion.

Exclusives: Exclusives are exclusive because they’ve never been published anywhere else. Only previously unpublished content will be accepted and featured as an Exclusive. Authors grant This Ugly Beauty Business first serial rights and exclusive rights for six weeks, in addition to continuing internet rights. All rights revert back to the author upon publication.
Translation: We get to publish your work before anyone else (yay!). For six weeks, only we can display your article. After that, you can choose to sell it or publish it independently at your own discretion, but we get to keep it up on the website.

Copyright Notice & Protections: We do not grant anyone permission to reproduce content provided by contributors. As a writer, I take content protections very seriously and do my absolute best to protect the articles we publish here. You will see this copyright notice at the bottom of every piece we publish: “The authors featured by This Ugly Beauty Business retain all rights to their work. If you desire permission to use their work in any way, contact the creator directly through their contributor profile. All content on the website is protected under copyright law.”


If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected].