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The Salon Service Pricing Toolkit


Stop pulling your prices off your competitor’s brochures—or worse—out of thin air. The Salon Service Pricing Toolkit has everything you need to track your expenses, and calculate and test your prices for every service your salon offers.


The Salon Service Pricing Toolkit includes:

  • a 29-page Salon Service Pricing Guide that will walk you through my step-by-step process for calculating service prices,
  • a 7-sheet Salon Service Pricing Spreadsheet (Excel) that will do all the complex math so you don’t have to, enabled with protections to make it impossible for you to “break” the formulas,
  • a 9-page Employer Obligations Information Sheet to keep you from making very common life-destroying mistakes,
  • a Glossary to serve as a handy reference so you’ll never be confused about what a particular term means, and
  • a comprehensive, 11-page Salon Assessment Checklist that will help you determine once and for all whether your salon is truly “upscale” (Spoiler Alert: it very likely isn’t, and that’s okay)

Get the Salon Service Pricing Toolkit and finally demystify the pricing process!

This system does not currently support variable compensation models that utilize commission.
PLEASE CLICK HERE if you require a pricing calculation system that also calculates various salon compensation models (commission plus hourly, commission vs hourly, tiered commission bonuses).

After clicking the Buy Now button, you’ll be directed to Paypal. Once your payment is complete, you can expect two email receipts—one from Paypal confirming your payment, and one from me with a unique download link and instructions for opening the zipped folder. This unique link will expire after 24 hours and spam filters are very aggressive, so if you don’t receive your receipt with your download link at all, don’t sweat it! Just click the My Account button in the menu bar. You’ll be able to access your downloadable files from there whenever you like.


Currently, the Salon Service Pricing Spreadsheet is only compatible with Microsoft Excel and Excel for Mac. I cannot guarantee compatibility with any other program.

This file is a ZIP file (compressed). The contents will need to be extracted after download in order for them to be accessible. If your phone/tablet does not have this capability, there are apps you can download to extract contents from zip files, but for best results, download the files on a laptop or desktop computer, extract the files there, and then send them to your mobile devices if you like to read on the go. (If you attempt to access a zip folder on a mobile device that doesn’t know what a zip folder is, you’ll get a screen full of random jibberish, which is pretty in its own way, but definitely not useful.)


  • 12/11/2016—[Holiday Hours Update] Thank you to everyone who purchased the beta version early and did whatever they could to break this thing. Your stress testing was incredibly helpful and I’m so grateful for all of your extremely positive feedback! If you purchased the first version of the Toolkit on 12/10/2017, download the updated version. A few users reported errors with holiday hour automation on the lower half of the Holiday Hours table. That issue has since been corrected.
  • 1/2/2017—[Annual Price Increase Addition, Printer-Friendly Update] Happy New Year! The Service Pricing Toolkit has been expanded and reformatted! All sheets are now entirely printer-friendly. Formula cells have been recolored from dark green with white text to a seafoam color with black text. I’ve added an Annual Price Increase sheet with tables for adjusting your prices to account for inflation. The Service Pricing Guide now has additional instructions for using the new sheet.
  • 1/28/2017—[Clean Holiday Hours Update] This update isn’t anything crazy (just satisfying my OCD). The addition of a conditional formula now causes any cleared dates in the Holiday Hours table to also clear the output cells in the hourly part of the table.
  • 2/2/2017—[Not Really an Update Update] I’ve edited the Toolkit instructions and images to be consistent with the latest version, and to correct some typos. Not a huge deal, just a thing that was bothering me. (It’s that perfectionism thing.)
  • 2/3/2017—[Owner Tax Calculation Update] In addition to expanding the Service Pricing Guide, I’ve included a table to automate tax calculation for owner salaries.
  • 4/24/2017—[Typo and Formula Update] The Service Pricing Guide received a few fixes (clearer wording in some places, some typo corrections) and an error in the Holiday Hours table causing hours not to sum properly was corrected. No new features this time, but I have some plans in the works!
  • 1/8/2018—[Resizable Columns and Instruction Expansion Update] A few minor tweaks to the permissions that allow columns to be resized for users working with some pretty big numbers. The instructions were also updated to include a few additional tips and tricks.


Downloadable items aren’t eligible for returns or refunds since there’s no way to verify deletion of a downloadable file. All sales are final. If you have any pre-purchase questions that aren’t answered in the item listing, email them to [email protected]. Thanks!

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