A critical look at the pursuit of fame among beauty professionals and the implications of fame-seeking behavior. Discover a call to prioritize passion and integrity in your craft over the pursuit of celebrity status.
The paradoxical role of unhappiness in fostering personal growth and happiness. How dissatisfaction can be a powerful motivator for positive change. Discover the unexpected benefits of being unhappy and how it can propel you towards success.
Exploring the transformative power of acknowledging what you don't know in the beauty industry. Learn valuable insights for cultivating a positive and progressive work environment, and how embracing the unknown can lead to greater happiness and success in your professional life.
Exploring the sunk-cost fallacy in the context of career decisions. The importance of recognizing when it's time to move on from a career that no longer serves one's happiness or goals. How to use thoughtful reflection over adherence to past investments.
The critical role of personal associations in achieving happiness in the beauty industry. The significance of distancing oneself from toxic relationships and focusing on personal growth and well-being. How to maintain professional relationships that contribute positively to one's career and life.
Key factors clients consider when deciding whether to follow a salon to a new location. Practical tips for maintaining client loyalty after a location change.
The advantages and disadvantages of automatic gratuity systems within salon service pricing. How such a system can impact both clients and salon professionals, the IRS's perspective on automatic gratuities, and a comprehensive guide to making informed decisions about gratuity policies.
Debunking common myths about building a client base in the beauty industry. Effective marketing strategies for salon professionals. How to grow your clientele base intelligently and sustainably.
An in-depth analysis of the IRS's 20-factor test for determining whether salon workers are employees or independent contractors. This guide provides clarity on each factor, tailored specifically for the beauty industry, helping salon owners and professionals navigate the complexities of employment classification.
A look at the surge in classification lawsuits during tax season as salon professionals grapple with the implications of being labeled as independent contractors versus employees. Guidance on how both employees and salon owners can navigate these legal waters, emphasizing the importance of understanding and adhering to IRS guidelines.
The importance of using legal avenues to address workplace violations in the beauty industry. Why you should report and prosecute bad business owners for wage and labor abuses, and the role individuals play in advocating for industry-wide change. Learn tactics to help you fight for fair treatment, wages, and employment conditions.
The potential losses salons face with commission-only pay structures. The benefits of hourly wages plus commission, and its impact on both salon profitability and employee earnings.