Tina Alberino

Beauty industry survivalist, salon crisis interventionist, tactical verb-weapon specialist, and the leader of at least a hundred workplace revolutions, Tina Alberino is known as much for her extensive knowledge as for her sarcastic wit and mercilessly straightforward style. She’s the author of The Beauty Industry Survival Guide and Salon Ownership and Management: A Definitive Guide to the Professional Beauty Business. When she’s not writing, educating, or consulting, she can be found overthinking everything, identifying problems people didn’t know existed, and stubbornly working to change the things she cannot accept.

Salon Professionals: Have You Assessed Yourself Lately?

Every once in a while, it’s good to perform a self-evaluation to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Self-assessing can help you establish where you...

How to Get Hired at ANY Salon With No Clientele (Even if You’re a Recent Graduate)

Quit Moaning--Finding a Job is Not Difficult! It doesn't matter if you are a recent graduate, a seasoned career professional who recently relocated, an old...

Independent Contractor, General Contractor, Subcontractor, and Self-Employed: Defined for the Beauty Industry

"We're going to classify you as an independent contractor," the salon owner says. "You will be better off as a subcontractor, really. It will be...

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