What follows is a list of classes Tina teaches online and at beauty shows, schools, salons, and other venues. To see the current education schedule and to register for classes, please visit the Events page.

Commission Sucks!

90 minute lecture+30 minute Q&A
The commission-only compensation system has caused nothing but problems for salon owners and staff. This controversial class will forever change the way you look at salon compensation. You will learn:
• Why the commission-only system doesn’t serve anyone involved,
• The complicated ethical and legal issues that arise from the commission-only system, and
• How to implement an alternative compensation system that benefits everyone and guarantees salon success.

Know Your Rights

90 minute lecture+30 minute Q&A
Did you leave beauty school with more questions than answers? Prepare yourself to enter the salon workforce with this crash course in professional etiquette, salon compensation and much more.
• Understand your rights as employees or booth renters,
• Learn how to avoid abusive and unethical owners, and
• Negotiate a fair and legal arrangement with confidence.

Service Descriptions That Sell

30 minute lecture+30 minute Q&A
Do you have trouble finding the right words? Are the descriptions you have written clearly communicating the quality of the services your salon delivers? In this class, Tina Alberino will teach you:
• How to craft a menu that is simple and inclusive,
• Which words paint pictures for clients and which form negative associations, and
• How to write service descriptions that will secure bookings.

Common Misconceptions

90 minute lecture+30 minute Q&A
Did you know that many “customary” industry practices are likely illegal? Do you know how to avoid falling victim to (or committing) labor exploitation? For salon workers, this class could save you money and aggravation. For salon owners, this course could be the difference between a devastating audit, labor investigation, or lawsuit. This class will teach you
• The many questionably legal, yet alarmingly common, industry practices and why you should refuse them,
• How to recognize exploitative and unethical practices during your initial job interview, and
• Strategies for correcting these problems, for salon owners and staff.

Be Your Own Boss!

90 minute lecture+30 minute Q&A
Microsalon ownership (booth rental) attracts three different kinds of professionals–the motivated, the inexperienced, and the unemployable. Which are you? Regardless of which category you believe you fit into, the truth is that the vast majority of microsalon owners don’t have a firm grasp on what small-scale business ownership requires of them. This class aims to clear up the confusion by teaching attendees:
• Your rights and responsibilities as business owners,
• How to negotiate a fair lease agreement that doesn’t infringe on your rights, and
• How to monitor your finances and market your business effectively.

Unwritten Rules

90 minute lecture+30 minute Q&A
Don’t embarrass yourself! Too often, beauty schools ship their students out into the industry without teaching them appropriate salon etiquette. Even veteran professionals can lose sight of what it means to be a “professional.” In this class, Tina Alberino will share with you
• How to construct a professional resume packet and portfolio,
• How to avoid making humiliating (and costly) mistakes,
• How to routinely “check yourself before you wreck yourself,” to ensure you’re keeping on top of your game, and
• How to set yourself far above your competition by being a shining example of professionalism.

Speed Without Sacrifice: Service Protocols for Nail Technicians

60 minute lecture+30 minute Q&A
Need to shorten your service times? Having difficulty maintaining service consistency? Avoid falling behind with these best practices and become a more efficient and more profitable nail technician without sacrificing service quality! Tina Alberino will teach you how to work smarter and faster, not harder. In this class, you will learn universal nail prep techniques, product placement and finishing and how to design protocols that maximize income.


Tina Alberino and Jaime Schrabeck routinely collaborate on intensive educational workshops. They do become available as live webinars periodically.

Salon Fail! The 15 Worst Business Practices Exposed
[w/Jaime Schrabeck]

3 hour lecture+30 minute Q&A
Whether you’re excited to open a new salon or desperate to improve an existing one, understand which business practices are more likely to cause your salon to fail than succeed. In this no-nonsense, no sales pitch workshop, experts Tina Alberino and Jaime Schrabeck expose the flaws in the most common business advice while guiding you through the major pitfalls of salon ownership: staffing and compensation, state board compliance, service pricing, marketing, client relations and more.
Learn practical strategies and how to implement them immediately.
• Protect your investment against costly violations of federal and state laws.
• Become an exemplary salon owner, one who’s legal, ethical and profitable.

Expand Your Business
[w/Jaime Schrabeck]

3 hour lecture+30 minute Q&A
Prepare yourself for one of the biggest challenges in the beauty industry: being a competent boss. With the guidance of Tina Alberino and Jaime Schrabeck, this preparation ensures that you understand your rights and responsibilities before developing a plan to recruit and train new employees.
Calculate a fair, profitable compensation plan that complies with tax and labor laws.
• Provide training and incentives that keep your staff motivated and educated.
• Identify and handle problem employees.

Reputation is Everything
[w/Jaime Schrabeck]

3 hour lecture+30 minute Q&A
Managing your online reputation may not be a priority, but it should be for every salon professional and business owner. In this workshop, Jaime Schrabeck and Tina Alberino deliver the tools you need to market your business online, impress potential clients and connect with existing ones.
Discover the most productive ways to spend your time online.
• Communicate your content and opinions in an effective and appealing manner.
• Respond to online reviews with professionalism and grace.

Know Your Numbers: Math for Salon Owners
[w/Jaime Schrabeck]

90 minute lecture+30 minute Q&A
Math may not be your favorite subject, but you cannot succeed as a nail salon owner without it. From product costs and service pricing to compensation and taxes, your numbers are even more important than your artistry, technical skills or customer service.
• Learn how to calculate the numbers that have the greatest impact on salon success
• Translate your numbers into actionable strategies
• Adjust your expectations and adapt to the realities of your business