Collaboration and Contribution Requests

We are contacted for collaboration requests extremely frequently, often by people with little or nothing to offer except an opportunity to provide them with free content and/or brand exposure. To be certain, some of these requests are sent by enthusiastic, well-intentioned bloggers who are new to the space. These bloggers have an abundance of passion and simply lack experience, so we don’t fault them for their lack of understanding. 

However, many of these requests are sent by major companies who should damn well know better.

If you like our work and want to work with us, you should know that we only consider those requests that demonstrate an understanding of our values:

We value our time.

We do not work for free. If we are going to work for free, it will be on the development and expansion of our own content.

We value our expertise.

We have no incentive to work for free. Neither does anyone else, but we really don’t. Why? Because we’re well-compensated for our time and our freelance writing already. Clearly, our work has value. Those who recognize that value are happy to pay for it, so their proposals are the only ones we consider.

We value our integrity.

Our opinion isn’t for sale. We don’t care how much money you’re offering, we do not do “sponsored posts.” Our reviews are honest assessments of the products or services we’re reviewing. We refuse to support anyone or anything that we don’t personally believe in.

We value our reputation.

We’re extremely selective about who and what we associate with professionally. Even if you send us a request with a payment proposal, we’re not guaranteed to accept. If your brand looks sloppy or underdeveloped, if we find your content objectionable or unprofessional, or if you have a reputation for conducting business in ways we find distasteful, we will flat out refuse to work for you.

We value our colleagues.

Our collaborators are hand-selected and compensated. If you’re interested in guest posting or having us promote your content, you’re welcome to send samples of your work, but remember, we’re extremely selective. Nobody here works for free, so if your content doesn’t pass our editorial standards (translation: if it doesn’t look like something we’d be willing to pay you to produce), your request won’t be accepted until it does.

We sincerely thank you for your interest, but if our skills, content, or platform are valuable enough for you to request that we provide any or all of them to you, they’re valuable enough for you to pay for. This “blogging thing” isn’t our hobby, it’s our business–and we’re not in the business of doing favors.

Thanks for understanding.

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